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    An Oral History of Michael Jordan’s Legendary ‘Space Jam’ Pickup Runs (

    During the summer of 1995, some of the best pickup basketball games ever played were organized under an inflatable dome in the VIP parking lot of Warner Bros. studio. They called it the Jordan Dome.

    While filming Space Jam, it was mandatory that Michael Jordan have the ability to work out in preparation for the upcoming season. He had just returned to the NBA after a brief stint in Minor League Baseball and the Bulls had been knocked out of the 1995 playoffs in the second round by the Magic.

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    Steve Nash: ‘There Was A Real Fear’ Of Playing Against Michael Jordan | SLAM (

    “Playing against him, the one thing that I think that he was unlike any other player I’ve played against is that there was a real fear playing against him. I’ve never seen the League be kind of fearful of a player or have that much reverence for a player.

    “No matter who has come since then… That was a different feeling when you’re playing Mike. There was such a seriousness, competitiveness and fire in him. And there was a fear of how that was going to manifest itself potentially on any given night.”

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    ‘The Last Dance:’ Twitter reacts to Michael Jordan laughing off Gary Payton’s defense in 1996 NBA Finals (

    The turning point for the Seattle Supersonics in the 1996 NBA Finals was when head coach George Karl finally relented and allowed the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, Gary Payton, guard Michael Jordan one on one. While the phrase “turning point” is used liberally here as the Bulls still ended up winning the series, there is evidence that shows that the switch in Seattle’s defensive assignment had a hugely positive effect on the team’s chances of success — the Sonics went on to win Games 4 and 5, after all.

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    NBA teams start to reopen, as testing plan begins emerging (

    MIAMI (AP) — The NBA took tiny steps toward a return to normalcy Friday, as a small number of practice facilities reopened for workouts and at least one team received permission from the league to test players and staff for the coronavirus.

    Meanwhile, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver took part in a teleconference with members of the National Basketball Players Association on Friday night. Silver, according to a person familiar with the call’s details, told players that the league is still aiming to hold full best-of-seven playoff series should the season resume and that playing without fans is an obvious possibility.

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    Ahmad Rashad has all the best Michael Jordan stories (

    In the midst of the 1993 NBA playoffs, chasing a third straight title for his Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan decided to boycott the media. His gambling had come under intense public scrutiny after it had been reported that he owed more than $1.2 million from lost golf matches—but instead of speaking out, the most famous athlete on the planet avoided the press. Then, before the first game of the NBA Finals, he suddenly decided to address the rumors, unexpectedly agreeing to break his silence and talk. But only to one person: NBC’s Ahmad Rashad.

    Rashad (born Robert “Bobby” Moore, he changed his name after converting to Islam) was a former Pro Bowl wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings and a television broadcaster for NBC, but he’s better described as one of the most well-networked dudes in sports. By the 1993 Finals, he’d become friends with Jordan—and, since he’d be in Phoenix covering game one, Jordan asked him to do the interview. This became Rashad’s calling card: as a sideline reporter and host of NBA Inside Stuff, he made his name by getting the type of access no one else could.

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    It’s been 31 years since Michael Jordan drained ‘The Shot’

    On May 7th, 1989, Michael Jordan delivered a legendary moment in NBA history to fend off elimination and clinch the Chicago Bulls’ first-round series vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers. Down by one with three seconds remaining, MJ buried a foul-line jumper, known as “The Shot,” over Craig Ehlo to end the best-of-five series and propel the […]

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    Mike Tyson Offered $1 Million To Fight Rugby Stars In Australia (

    If Mike Tyson is serious about a comeback … $1 MILLION has already been put on the table for an exhibition match in Australia — with a promoter wanting Iron Mike to fight a former rugby star!

    Australian boxing matchmaker Brian Amatruda says he’s already reached out to Tyson’s camp with the offer … and sees pro-rugby-players-turned-boxers Barry Hall, Paul Gallen and Sonny Bill Williams as potential opponents.

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    Michael Jordan's Secret Supermarket Shopping Sounds Baller As Hell! (

    Michael Jordan was SO insanely famous in Chicago during his Bulls days — he couldn’t even shop for groceries without being mobbed.

    So, the guy would pay staffers to keep the store open JUST FOR HIM so he could cruise the aisles alone in peace!

    Pretty baller, right!?

    Jordan’s former Bulls teammate Brad Sellers explained to The Undefeated …