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    All your questions about HBO Max answered (

    HBO Max, WarnerMedia’s new streaming service, will launch on Wednesday, May 27. It will be home to a ton of content, including hit HBO series, beloved TV shows like Friends, tons of classic titles from Warner Bros. film archives, and other gems like the Studio Ghibli films. And with the coronavirus pandemic keeping most of the country inside and looking for something to watch, HBO Max has a lot to offer. But, still…what is it, exactly? Here are the answers to our most burning HBO Max questions, starting with the obvious:

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    TikTok's All-in-One Cheesy Egg Sandwich Hack Is a Breakfast-Lover's Dream Come True (

    My For You Page on TikTok is constantly flooded with organization hacks, stylish DIY fashion tips, and the most delicious-looking food hacks, including this breakfast sandwich trick that’s basically begging to be paired with a glass of orange juice. The easy sandwich hack spares you the messy post-meal cleanup and calls for just one skillet and a spatula to combine eggs, bacon, cheese, and bread into a truly delicious breakfast masterpiece.

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    East Village Irish pub McSorley’s again open after longest closure in 166 Years (

    Historic East Village ale house McSorley’s has reopened for business after the longest closure in the bar’s 166-year history. The legendary Irish pub, one of New York City’s oldest, is back for takeout food and drink orders this week and next, the bar’s owners shared in a Facebook post on Friday. “Everyone at McSorley’s wants to get back to work and who are we to stop them,” the owners say. The bar will be open from 1 p.m. until 8 p.m. daily for the next two weeks.

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    The trailer for “Butt Boy” shows us everything is a thing on the Internet

    Chip Gutchel, a bored IT Engineer, has an awakening after a routine prostate exam. What starts as a harmless rectal kink, soon grows into a dangerous addiction as he becomes responsible for a missing child. Chip eventually buries his desires in Alcoholics Anonymous and tries to move on with his life. Years later, he becomes […]

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    Ariana Grande still trying to ‘Break Free’ from renting (

    International pop priestess Ariana Grande has become widely known for her indulgent motto-turned-meme of “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.” But in the case of Los Angeles real estate, the longtime renter still hasn’t seen anything she likes enough to buy, despite the widely known fact that she’s been on an exhaustive house hunt since at least last year.

    Throughout her decade-plus of Hollywood celebrity, Grande has never owned a home in L.A., instead preferring to spend her days in a variety of lavish Beverly Hills rental homes. For a time, she lived in a large French Country-style mansion in prime 90210, right next door to a house that Ellen DeGeneres recently unloaded for $35 million.

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    Are Ellen and Portia Looking to Sell in Beverly Hills? (

    Unconfirmed word is starting to slip down the Platinum Triangle property gossip grapevine that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi may be looking to sell their recently purchased estate in Beverly Hills. The couple, two of Tinseltown’s most prolific buyers and sellers of high-end real estate, purchased the stately English Tudor manor house only about a year ago for a whopping $42.5 million, according to tax records, from rock star Adam Levine and model Behati Prinsloo. And, we now hear from an always well-informed tattletale that the property mad pair is willing to discreetly show the heavily fortified estate to pre-qualified buyers unbothered by a sky-high asking price alleged to be $58 million.

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    Experts rate the risks of 14 common summer activities (

    It’s been around two months of quarantine for many of us. The urge to get out and enjoy the summer is real. But what’s safe? We asked a panel of infectious disease and public health experts to rate the risk of summer activities, from backyard gatherings, to a day at the pool, to sharing a vacation house with another household.

    One big warning: Your personal risk depends on your age and health, the prevalence of the virus in your area, and the precautions you take during any of these activities. Also, many areas continue to restrict the activities described here, so check your local laws.

    And there’s no such thing as a zero-risk outing right now. As states begin allowing businesses and public areas to reopen, decisions about what’s safe will be up to individuals. It can help to think through the risks the way the experts do.

    “We can think of transmission risk with a simple phrase: time, space, people, place,” explains Dr. William Miller, an epidemiologist at Ohio State University.

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