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T.D. Jakes’ daughter buys $4M Calabasas mansion

Televangelist and bishop T.D. Jakes reaches a devout audience of millions on any given week through his vast empire of books, films, and televised sermons, all broadcast from his home base at the Potter’s House megachurch in Dallas. More than 30,000 members strong, the organization employs 400 and has made Jakes one of the most recognizable faces of modern Christianity.

At least one of Jakes’ five children has already followed in his supersized ministry’s footsteps. Sarah Jakes Roberts, now in her early 30s, has quietly assembled an upstart empire of her own with a podcast, multiple book deals, millions of social media followers, and sold-out nationwide preaching tours. The still youthful but gifted speaker frequently appears on TV — everywhere from “The Dr. Phil Show” to “The Today Show” — where she’s been candid about her rocky adolescence and young adult life, from having her first child at age 14, a subsequent failed marriage to former NFL linebacker Robert Henson and suicidal thoughts.

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As much as we want Hip-Hop to be an art form based solely on skill, contemporary culture often dictates otherwise and turns it into a popularity contest. And while opposing points of view, different styles, and controversy all have their place in helping progress be made, sometimes they overshadow the music.

The result of that is headline-grabbing stories instead of songs. In the best-case scenario, negative publicity can pave the way for good music. Or, in the worst, the music can never eclipse the other attention and it’s more harmful than helpful.

So, here are 10 rappers we love to hate, therefore proving that there’s really no such thing as bad publicity.

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