John Oliver rolls up a ridiculously brilliant remedy for our sports-starved existence (

Sometimes you can’t make stuff up. As John Oliver noted on his latest coronavirus-themed main story on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, the single most irresponsible thing happening in the world of American sport right now can be traced not just to Florida, but to Jacksonville, Florida. As fans of The Good Place and Manny Jacinto’s holy fool Jason Mendoza know well, there’s a reason why Jacksonville was chosen as the go-to spot for gator crime and high schools that are just a bunch of tugboats tied together—anything goes in Jacksonville. Oliver’s story on the pressing yet insoluble problem of when we get to stop watching old baseball games on cable and pretending the world is back to normal cited Jacksonville’s traditional cautionary tale status in allowing the UFC to hold its first post-pandemic fight event there recently, even though the pandemic is nowhere near “post.” (A fact only slightly less supervillain-insane than UFC swollen head Dana White’s proposal to start up an Enter The Dragon-style “Fight Island” somewhere in international waters, which is a real possibility, because the world is a badly written parody of itself.)

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