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No One Had a Style Evolution Quite Like Beastie Boys (

It has been a big month for throwback style. GQ has spent the past few weeks documenting the most stylish moments of The Last Dance, ESPN’s ode to Michael Jordan and the late-1990s Chicago Bulls. However, there is another recently released documentary that is just as packed with excellent fits and next-level style: the Spike Jonze-directed Beastie Boys Story. That group was best known for its experimental blending of hip-hop, hardcore punk, and everything in between. But the film shows that their sense of style was much like their music—a hodgepodge of motifs from various cultures and scenes. It’s the type of thing that doesn’t make sense on paper, but the end result is an idiosyncratic style that now feels years ahead of its time—literally, if you look at the dozens of contemporary musicians biting their style today.