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‘Full House’ star John Stamos drops asking price on Beverly Hills villa to $4.5m (

Whether a reflection of a sagging real estate market due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic or just old-fashioned eagerness to cut ties and move on, John Stamos, who some time ago acquired a large house in the suburbs, has unceremoniously chopped another half of a million dollars off the asking price of his former home in L.A.’s Beverly Hills Post Office area, in the ritzy mountains between Beverly Hills and Studio City. The hugely reduced new price of just under $4.5 million is a small fortune below the in-hindsight much-too-optimistic $6.75 million price tag the property was initially saddled with when it was set out for sale about a year ago, but none-the-less still a profitable amount over the not quite $3.6 million the “Full House” and “Fuller House” actor paid fifteen years ago, just after his divorce from his first wife, Rebecca Romijn.